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16 June 2024


NORMANDY SEA SIDE FULL DAY( 10 Hours, 200 km from Paris )

Cabourg-Plage-1Let you drive along the A13 Highway, through the Normandy countryside, and you will arrive to Cabourg, a typical family sea-side village where the famous Grand Hotel take place, and where the French writter PROUST make several long stay.
Then along the cost you will be drive to Deauville, elegant and wellknow city ,with the famous Normandy Hotel and the Royal Hotel.
In these Hotels leaved ,during the American Film Festival, some famous Cinema Stars. We recommand you a walk on the " Planches de Deauville "on the beach, ideal place to take a drink, before another walk along the main street full of elegant shops, nice place for Madam....








Later you will be in Trouville, a small fishing harbour, full of fish restaurants ( les Voiles, Les Vapeurs, le Central.... ). You will finish your journey by Honfleur, impressionist old harbour, in the Normandy cost. Later on the afternoon, return to Paris.



deauville2 Honfleur planches
Deauville's beach Honfleur Deauville

Executive Car ( 1 to 3 Persons ) : 950 €
Mpv Car ( 4 to 6 Persons ) : 1050 €
Minibus rates up to 6 persons on request

Lunch on your own, entrance not included, mileage, insurance included.

For booking : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.