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Minibus and Autocars hire with driver - Paris

02 December 2023


Not having to drive presents numerous advantages.
The service of a chauffeur driven car enables your director or visitor to be free to use their phone, computer, or to consult their files during their journey.
At ease, in a relaxed manner and with complete peace of mind. When you have an appointment it is essential to arrive feeling calm and relaxed, for example, before beginning complicated business negotiations, or a speech for the defence in a court case involving the media. During the journey the chauffeur will free you from any other occupation than that of your appointment. You will have time to finalise the important points of your meeting or put the final touches to an important speech.

With a chauffeur you have the advantage of feeling fresh and relaxed on arrival.

A chauffeur will enable you to save a considerable amount of time.In Paris, as in most big cities, parking is a source of serious time loss. With a chauffeur you no longer need to look for a parking space or descend to the fourth floor level of an underground car park.

By car, the chauffeur will leave you in front of the entrance to your meeting place and will wait for you to take you to your next meeting. No need to wait for a hypothetical taxi. You will have saved time and money. No more parking in unauthorised zones which are the plague of most motorists in Paris. With a chauffeur you will never have a parking ticket. In bad weather the chauffeur will leave you precisely at your meeting place. You will avoid having to walk and put up with bad weather conditions.

A chauffeur passenger's service
Our chauffeurs are entirely at your disposal for any small services they can perform. If you arrive in Paris and need to go straight to a meeting, your chauffeur will drop you and then take your luggage to your hotel and come back to collect you after your meeting